Third-degree equation solver written by Dietmar Wolf,Germany
This script finds all three solutions (if existing) of the equation ax3+bx2+cx+d=0. If NaN (Not a Number is indicated, there is no solution

There is no guarantee given for a hundred percent correct function of this script. For further information please read the source code! NOTE:It appears to work in FireFox (usually if something does not, then nothing happens when you try it), so I took it. If you are knowledeable in this matter use View Soruce to look at the code. I am not familiar with all of this so use at your own discretion - Space Patoller Laser

PROCESS AND PARADIGM: The first solution of the equation is found by applying the Newton iteration:
The script starts with xn=-1000. if this does not lead to a result, -1000 + 0.1 is used as xn and so on up to +1000. If the first solution of the equation should be < -1000 or >1000, the solution might not be found. Once the first solution is found, the other possible both solutions are found by a polynom division; this leads to a quadratic equation which can be solved by a simple formula.

a =
b =
c =
d =