Not happy with what you have here? I didn't put in 7th's, 9the's and others. I'd be here all day if I did. Now, that doesn't mean your stuck. As usual, I supply the goods to do it yourself, Now here's what you do so familiarize yourself with these instruction.


  1. Open the folder that contains the calculator or Power console.
  2. create a blank htum file with the name of the fraction, like "7ths.html"
  3. click on GET THE CODE
  4. Right Click on the page. find and open "view page source" or the like
  5. Select all, copy and minimize this page
  6. Open the blank file with notepad or your editor, paste and save/close
  7. Open the file then find all the "Z"s (upper case zed) and replace them with the number that is to be the bottom of thd fraction, be sure to use the same number throughout. You may also have to replac the "th" with "st", "nd" or "rd"
  8. Save and test
  9. Maximize this page. Go to the link text at the bottom and select and copy to fracalc.html"
  10. Same Z, same number
  11. You'rd done. Repeat for as many as you want.
If your're comfortable with HTML; after you create the blank html file. locate and open "Zth.html", Select, copy the contents, paste them into the blank file and make the changes, save and test and write the link in "fracalc.html", which is what I do